Ilish Utsav

Probably, you know that Ilish Utsav or Hilsa Festival now-a-days has become a popular celebration in West Bengal.

Now for the past few years, Ilish Utsav or Hilsa Festival is celebrated across major sea-shore travel places. For example, Ilish Utsav at Digha, Sunderban Ilish Utsav, Ilish Utsav at Kolkata are creating buzz.

Then, why does Mousuni Island will lag behind. Of course not, from the year 2019 on-wards Mousuni Island also join the prestigious list of places/ travel locations where Ilish Utsav or Hilsa Festival is celebrated.

Now, what about Ilish Utsav 2021 at Mousuni Island. To elaborate, what is your plan for the Hilsa Festival 2021 at Mousuni Island.

However, you know that Mousuni Island is the best off-beat weekend travel location for couples, students, and family as well.

As a result, the best tent on Mousuni Island ‘Bonfire Natures Camp’ is always with you. ‘Bonfire Natures Camp’ has arranged a fabulous Ilish Utsav 2021/ Hilsa Festival 2021 Tour Packages for you from 1st to 15th September 2021 (First Round). The 2nd Round of the same will commence from 16th to 31st September 2021 at Mousuni island.

You must be curious now, what may happen on those days. We suggest keeping reading the post from the beginning to the end. Yep, keep reading.

Now, what is the main attraction of this festival? We quickly confess the food menu and which contains the king of the fishes Ilish/ Hilsa. We bait every gourmet traveler will love that.

Then, what the hell are you waiting for? Just call +91-8420814581 on your mobile phone and book. Still, you are thinking. Because the delicious Hilsa fishes are waiting for you. Ring Rang Ring…

How Ilish Utsav Started in West Bengal?

The respected chief minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee inaugurated the prestigious festival. However, she always warned not to buy baby Hilsa fish to save the community.

But, we believe it’s the gourmet Bengalis who made this festival a grand success. Thus, this hilsa festival has become immensely popular everywhere in West Bengal and especially in the coastal areas.

Hilsa festival is celebrated in Sunderban, Digha, Mousuni Island, and so on. As the hilsa fishes are available in plenty in the coastal areas of Bay of Bengal.

Though, Hilsa is mainly found in Bangladesh. However, in the monsoon season Hilsa fishes swim from the ‘Padma’ river to the ‘Ganges’ for breeding purposes… Thus, the fish become available in India too.

Why Hilsa is So Popular & Why the Price is High?

Hilsa fish, commonly known as Ilish, is rich in high-quality fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids, which can prevent human coronary artery disease. Hilsa fish is one of the few fishes known for their incredibly soft meat. Found in fresh water in eastern India.

Ilish Utsav

Hilsa has a rich taste and a smooth but buttery texture. A few years ago, a large amount of Hilsa, discovered in the waters of the Bay of Bengal. Due to excessive consumption and increased demand, the stock of Hilsa fish has dropped significantly.

The demand for Hilsa fish is one of the main reasons for the increase in the price of Hilsa fish. In coastal areas such as Goa, Kerala, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu, fish prices in Hilsa are relatively low compared to remote cities.

Ilish Utsav September 2021 Gallery

Explore the Following Delicious Dishes of Hilsa @Bonfire Natures Camp

Mousuni Island Ilish Utsav 2021 (মৌসুনি দ্বীপ ইলিশ উৎসব ২০২১)

We have written so many words till now, Let’s come to the point straight the Food Menu.

Hilsa Festival

Morning – Welcome Drink (Coconut Water, Cold Drinks), Lucchi-Aloor Dum / Luchi-Cholar Daal / Tea-Bread Toast / Boiled Egg

Lunch – Sarshe Ilish, Ilish Paturi, Ilish Tok, Ilish Mach Bhaja With Tel, Steamed Rice, Daal, Tarkari, Chatni, Papad, & Misti

Dinner – Ilish Vapa, Ilish Ghonto, Daal, Aloo Bhaja, Steamed Rice

Itinerary Details

  • Welcome Drinks & Room Distribution.
  • 2PM – 4PM Lunch.
  • 6.30PM Evening Snacks.
  • 7.30PM Onwards on Demand Bonfire Chicken Kabab Per K.g Rs. 400.00 with Music.
  • 10.30PM Dinner.
  • 8.00AM Next Day Breakfast
  • Later That Day Good bye Ceremony

Rs. 1999.00/ Head For Ilish Utsav 2021

Final Words

However, you need to comply with all rules & regulations of ‘Bonfire Natures Camp’. We hope your journey will be peaceful & blissful at Ilish Utsav at Mousuni Island 2021.

The pricing is affordable and transparent and only Rs. 1999.00/Head. We do not have any hidden charges. What we show on our website is the truth. The price may or may not be negotiable.

We invite you to Mousuni island on this auspicious occasion. Please do visit Mousuni island with Bonfire Natures Camp.

Ring Rang Ring +91-8420814581.