Mousuni Island
মৌসুনি দ্বীপ

Have you heard of Mousuni Island (মৌসুনি দ্বীপ)?

Of course, the answer is yes.

You will tell, my friends visited there a few months back. Typically, we often love to explore only major tourist spots. Hence, we all want to go with the flow. But, what about exploring an offbeat location?

In conclusion, Mousuni Island (মৌসুনি দ্বীপ) is the right choice. Thus, it is a virgin island which is still searching the footsteps of human. In the context, famous poetry is quoted,

বহু দিন ধরে বহু ক্রোশ দূরে
বহু ব্যয় করি বহু দেশ ঘুরে
দেখিতে গিয়েছি পর্বতমালা,
দেখিতে গিয়েছি সিন্ধু।
দেখা হয় নাই চক্ষু মেলিয়া
ঘর হতে শুধু দুই পা ফেলিয়া
একটি ধানের শিষের উপরে
একটি শিশিরবিন্দু।

রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর (স্ফুলিঙ্গ হতে সংগ্রহীত)

Before planning, your weekend trip to the island, you should read the article to the end.

To begin with, The island is a perfect weekend gateway to the sea and rivers; sand and beach; peace and relaxation.

Therefore, bid goodbye to your busy schedule. Henceforth, deny the cacophony of the crowded city. Then, pack your baggage and start for the unknown.

Mousuni Island Location

The place is a small and isolated island of ‘Sunderban Delta’.

Therefore, It is located at the bottom part of West Bengal.

The island is a virgin island located in the Namkhana block of South 24 Parganas of West Bengal.

Hence, it is situated on the banks of the Bay of Bengal.

Mousuni Island Weather
Mousuni Island
7:56 pm, July 12, 2024
temperature icon 28°C
Humidity 89 %
Pressure 999 mb
Wind 5 mph
Wind Gust: 0 mph
Visibility: 0 km
Sunrise: 4:59 am
Sunset: 6:24 pm

History of Mousuni Island

To begin with, The name “Mousuni” came from the Bengali word “Mosh Ani” (মোষ আনি). In connection, which means ‘Bringing Buffalo’.

For instance, The name of Mousuni Island was first heard in the journal “The Hindus” as Bengal Sinking Island.

The actual beauty of the island lies in the confluence of the river and the sea. The island was discovered during the British era in India in the 1800 century.

The British utilized the island mainly for transportation of Salt and dried fish. When the British came to the island for inspection they noticed no one lives there. But, a lot of local people visit the place every day.

After that, on asking the locals, they claimed that they bring their buffalos here to feed.

To conclude, the name of the island derived ‘Mousuni‘ from there.

A Biodiverse Hotspot

As you already know, Mousuni Island belongs to Sunderban Delta. Therefore, the lives of the people are very tough and full of hardships. Because, the island is hit hard by changing climates, unpredictable and inadequate rainfalls, rising sea levels, and coastal erosion.

Due to development constraints the untouched natural beauty of the remains as it is. That’s why sometimes the island is called a ‘Virgin Island’.

On the way to Bagdanga Ferry Ghat, you can witness how the scenic landscape changes gradually. Therefore, on the narrow road of bricks, you can view huge farmlands along with small Canals.  

To connect with, farmlands belong to West Bengal State Agricultural Department. Similarly, canals belong to the Fisheries Development Corporation. On the other hand, you will see the small mud huts of the residents. The rooftop of the huts is made with tin mostly. Every household on the Island has its own husbandry and hatchery.

In conclusion, this is for all the esteemed and educated tourists who like to visit the place. As the island is a biodiverse hot spot, it is an earnest request to everyone who wants to visit the island not to destroy the environment.

Therefore, please do not litter unnecessary plastic bags, empty bottles, or any sort of hazardous material on the beach or in the sea, or anywhere around the island. As it may hugely affect the ecosystem of the island.

To conclude with, we may please take care of nature, the climate and the island.


In this paragraph, let us investigate the sightseeing of the place of discussion.

On the way to the island, tourists can spot local fishermen drying their fishnets in the sunlight. Similarly, one will see them repairing their fishing trawlers too. In addition, women weaving new fishnets can also be seen.

Because animal husbandry and fishing are the main occupations of the people live here. Therefore, often tourists witness dry fishes in abundance in the local market there.

However, to reach the island you have to cross the Chinai River. When the sunlight falls on the surface of the river it creates fabulous sparkling silver effects. Often, tourists become overwhelmed seeing the same.

On reaching the island, you will witness the dense greenery that surrounds the island. After that, the ultimate enjoyment of Mousuni Island starts.

For Instance, the nearest sightseeing includes “Baliara”.  The place “Baliara” lies at a distance of 3 Km to the North. However, this is the place where the accommodations are actually available.

Now, the road conditions of Baliara are not so good. However, the thickness of Pine and Juniper trees will calm your mind. After that, the cultivation of potatoes, chilies, and tomatoes can also be seen on both sides of the road.

The pin-drop silence of the beach creates a magical ambiance.

To conclude, “Baliara” is a long, silent seashore & secret heart of Mousuni Island.

Mousuni Island Images

In this section, Few images are attached herewith for your kind consideration. However, for more images please explore the Gallery here.

How to Reach Mousuni Island?

To clarify, we have prepared a comprehensive article on the topic.

In short, we will present here also how you can reach the island.

  1. Take a train from Sealdah to Namkhana.
  2. Take auto from Namkhana to 10 Mile Bazaar.
  3. From, 10 Mile Bazaar, take toto to Patibunia Ghat (Rs. 20/- Per Person).
  4. Take Ferry from there (Rs. 30/- Per Person).
  5. After reaching, take Toto to reach Bonfire Natures Camp.

You can Find It Here.

Best Time to Visit Mousuni Island

The monsoon season is not ideal to visit the Island. However, most of the accommodation remains closed at that time. Then, visit the island in Autumn, Late Autumn, and Winter.

To conclude, plan for your weekend Mousuni Tour from Late October to the end of March/April.

What You Can Do at Mousuni Island?

You can do the following task on your visit to the island.

  • Fishing with your fish rods.
  • Enjoy the fishing of local fishermen.
  • Rowing Boat with Friends.
  • Enjoy and Relax.
  • Get Sunbath in “Baliara”.
  • Bonfire and Party.
  • Barbeque Grills and Chicken Tandoori at Night.
  • Catch Crabs at “Kakramarir Char”.
  • Birdwatchers can watch birds. Several Birds like White Billed Sea Eagle, Barn Swallow, Common Myna, Common Kingfisher, Long-Billed Stork, Cormorant, and many more can be found here.
  • Wildlife Photographers can take images of birds, nature, and the island.
  • Enjoy the beach with your girlfriend or your wife.
  • Take selfies.
  • Have some casual parties, boozing, and drinking with friends.

About Bonfire Natures Camp

Bonfire Natures Camp is started in the year of 2021.

It is identified as woman-led.

We have suffered a lot to start the camp and faces many struggles.

With the support of our visitors, we have surpassed all obstacles.

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What Do Bonfire Natures Camp Offer?

Bonfire Natures Camp offers the best place to stay at Mousuni Island.

Therefore, you may conside Bonfire Natures Camp as a homestay, hotel, camp, tent, resort, or cottage to enjoy Mousuni Island.

In short, we offer,

  1. Family Tent (5-6 Persons/Tent)
  2. Ordinary Tent (2 Persons/ Tent)
  3. Dome Tent (3 Persons/Tent)
  4. Cottage (With/Without AC)

Generally, Tent priced at Rs. 1100.00/ Person and Cottages priced at Rs. 1350.00/ Person.

Visit Mousuni Island After Lock-down 2022

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Covid-19 Precautions

As you know, from March 2020 the world is suffering from Covid-19.

We have witnessed 2 strike of Covid-19 and in the year 2021 it was severe.

We always take necessary precautions in-order to avoid Covid-19 as much as possible.

We sanitize our Tents and locations with sanitizer and all the staffs wear masks.

To visit please ensure,

  1. Vaccination Certficate in Physical Form.
  2. Installation of Aroygya Setu App in your Mobile device.
  3. 2 Doses Certificate and precautionary doses certificate if eligible.

Now, you can enjoy this video by Authetic Byanjon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the Best Camp in Mousuni Island?

Mousuni Island best camp is Bonfire Natures Camp. To know more, Read This Article.

2. Which is the Best Tent in Mousuni Island?

The best tent in Mousuni Island is Bonfire Natures Camp. Read More.

3. Which is the Best Resort in Mousuni Island?

The best resort in the island is Bonfire Natures Camp. To read more, on the best resort Click Here.

4. Which is the Best Hotel in Mousuni Island?

Best hotel in Mousuni Island is Bonfire Natures Camp. Read More.

5. Which is the Best Cottage in Mousuni Island?

The answer to the question is Bonfire Natures Camp. Read the Comprehensive Guidelines Here.

6. Is Mousuni Island Safe?

Absolutely, it is safe & sound. However, we have prepared a comprehensive guidelines on the topic. Please, read it Here.

7. Is Mousuni Island Couple Friendly?

No doubt, it is the best place for the love-birds. To explore more, how the island is best destination for couples read This Article.

8. Where is Mousuni Island in West Bengal?

It is in Namkhana & near about Sunderban Delta.

9. Which is the Best Time to Visit Mousuni Island?

Preferably, Autumn, Late Autumn, and Winter. To conclude, from end of October to April is the best time to visit the place.

10. What I Can Do at Mousuni Island?

You can enjoy the beach, ride the boat, catch crabs, view birds , scenery, eat barbeque & relax.

11. How to Arrange a Trip to Mousuni Island?

Call Bonfire Natures Camp +91-8420814581/+91-8296814081.

12. What is The Cost of Visit/ Trips to Mousuni Island?

The cost of visit/ Trips to island is Rs. 1100.00 – Rs. 1600.00/ Per Head. To know further, read comprehensive guidelines on Tour Packages.

13. How Far is Mousuni Island from Kolkata?

Its around 160Km far away from Kolkata via Namkhana. You can also read, How to Reach Mousuni Island on our blog.

14. Can I plan my Mini- Honeymoon in Mousuni Island?

Yes of-course, you can plan your mini-honeymoon in the island. However, we prepared a through article about planning a short and mini-honeymoon in Mousuni Island.

To conclude,