While visiting Mousuni Island with Bonfire Natures Camp you have to comply the following Rules –

  1. Do not disturb the village life.
  2. Do not litter plastic bags or garbage of any kind to the sea or the island. As you know the island is a bio-diverse hot spot you must take care of nature and wildlife.
  3. We never encourage the usage of Alcohol or Tobacco related products. This is a statutory warning.
  4. Boating will not be our responsibility.
  5. Take precautions if you wanna bathe in the sea.
  6. Do not go to the sea intoxicated.
  7. You must carry at least one original officially valid documents (like PAN, Voter, Aadhar, Driving License, and Passport) and a photocopy of the same of the lead traveler.
  8. Loud music not allowed after 9.00 P.M.
  9. Any misbehavior, fight, or criminal activity is strictly prohibited and will make you accountable/answerable under legal purview.
  10. Bonfire Natures Camp is not legally responsible for any kind of mishaps that happened to you. Take care and due precautions.

Love, Peace, and Harmony

Bonfire Natures Camp