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Mousuni Island, Baliara, Indrapalli - II, Namkhana, Pin - 743357

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Do you still have any confusion? Anyway, we have already shared our phone numbers, emails at the beginning of the section. However, if you still have any query, please feel free to reach us directly by submitting the contact form just right of this content. We are available for you 365 * 24 * 7. For your kind consideration, Bonfire Natures Camp is the best camp on Mousuni Island. Do not blindly follow our word of mouth check our customer’s review. Bonfire Natures Camp offers tent, camp, cottage on Mousuni Island. We also offer an automated booking system through our website. This means you choose the day you want to visit Mousuni Island, pay the money through Instamojo/ Razorpay payment gateway, and finally, you will receive a booking confirmation in your email. Yes, its very easy. As a result, do not waste a single bit of time. Just submit the contact form. This is also our support. Type all your queries here.

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    What the hell are you waiting for? Do not you want to make your weekends special? Mousuni island will be the best choice for you. Mousuni Island is an offbeat location. Who want to go with the flow now-a-days? Do You? No, right. Then, what about exploring a out of track place. Yes, Mousuni Island is the answer. This is the secret island in the ‘Sunderban Delta’. However, reaching Mousuni Island will be a tedious task. But believe, when you will reach the place all of your tension, depression and frustration will be vanished. The calm sea shore, the dense greenery and the lonely beauty of the island will feel your mind with bliss and pleasure. ‘Mousuni Island’ is the perfect choice for mini and sudden weekend trip. Therefore, just throwback all your tensions in dustbin and get prepared for a mind blowing weekends in Mousuni island. We are waiting for you. Finally, please write us your query by submitting the contact from directly.